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Maoyuan Low Height Tilt Hydraulic Car Parking Lift for Home

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maoyuan low height tilt hydraulic car parking lift for home

home parking


low height parking


car park lift


tilt parking


hydraulic car parking

Maoyuan low height tilt parking is hydraulic design.only need 3m for double sedan suitable for home garage parking, for double car storage.

Operating Priciple:

This is a two level design parking system, parking space on ground level can park/unpark car directly. When parking/unparking car on second level, the car on ground level need to be driven out.   


  1. Save land area and take full use of space, the construction height requirement is about 3000mm and columns can be arranged according to your requirements. 

  2.   Low equipment cost and maintenance cost.

  3. Vertical lift and easy cooperation,lift smoothly with low noise,convenient for car goes in or out.   

Suitable car


Big Sedon D

Car Dimension




Car weight


Space required





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