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Urban Intelligence Parking Fees Will Start

- Dec 25, 2017 -

In order to rationally allocate the city public parking resources and improve the utilization efficiency of the road parking berth, recently, the city issued documents to inform the Urban road vehicle parking service charges and other related content. This means that the smart Parking program will be formally implemented.

The paper made clear the pilot area of intelligent parking fee for urban road vehicle, namely.To this end, the reporter visited the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, Traffic Police Brigade and so on, detailed knowledge of the implementation of intelligent parking projects.

Relevant data show that the city now has more than 300,000 vehicles, including 230,000 cars, but relatively fixed parking space for only 45,000. In addition to the city has not established a parking guidance system, the lack of real-time release and guidance of berths, and many berths are free to occupy the park, resulting in traffic congestion, and the road parking lot turnover is not high, road illegal parking phenomenon is serious, parking difficulty has become a major disease in urban traffic. "In the City Public Administration Service center nearby, one morning can be able to copy more than 40 tickets, parking phenomenon is serious, also often appear car traffic jams." "The Traffic Police Brigade, the captain of the group Dai, one of the reasons is that people occupy public resources to enjoy the" overlord parking.

"Urban intelligent parking fee management is the inevitable trend of building intelligent city." "In the opinion of He Yonze, deputy director of the city Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, the implementation of intelligent parking fee management of urban public parking spaces can not only help the large data platform, effectively induce parking spaces in public parking lots, and allocate roads and parking spaces, solve the problem of resource mismatch, but also enrich the city management power Improve the level of urban fine management.

Reporter learned that smart parking fees have been used in many large and medium-sized cities, only in Zhejiang province, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Quzhou, Jiaxing, Jinhua, pro-Ping, Keqiao, Shangyu, Xinchang, Shengzhou, Tonglu and so on, and achieved good results. Reporter contacted Shaoxing Shangyu Parking Service Co., Ltd. Operation Manager Chen can, he introduced, Shangyu November began to implement intelligent parking, the results are very obvious. In the past, a number of parking spaces around the commercial centre area were only two per day, with an average turnover of 20 times today, with empty spaces available at all times. In addition, the overall road congestion improvement is also a bright spot, "there is a special management, parking more standardized, to eliminate the occupation of two parking spaces, but also to clean up a number of zombie cars, tricycles and electric vehicles occupy the phenomenon."

"My family lives in the east of Burgundy, the most headache is to find a parking space, every time around the community several laps, the first implementation of intelligent parking items, hoping to really bring us convenience." "said the citizen, Ms. Chen.