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Three-dimensional Parking Lot Classification

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Simple parking equipment.

Also called valet parking, refers to someone to park a car to take a car parking equipment, it has increased the number of parking spaces, is generally twice times the ordinary parking spaces.

And if you want the top car down, you have to drive the car down, which is mainly used in homes and small car parks or 4S stores.

Semi-automatic parking equipment

Also called self parking, which means you can park your car. Just press the parking number you are parking, or the system will automatically respond to the car, through up and down, moving around to the vehicle owners need to reduce the car to the ground can be out of position. Because this kind of parking system mainly is to be left and right and up and down move to complete, usually also is called the lift horizontal movement type parking system.

Automatic Parking equipment

is a similar to the elevator parking equipment, only the owner of the vehicle will be opened to the parking equipment, will automatically send to the vacancy, take the car also need to swipe. Of course, such equipment is more expensive and is not common in China.

1. Each group may be designed to be connected to 10 sets, that is, each group can be designed for 5 parking spaces to 19 parking spaces.

2. The upper deck of the car deck to do take-off and landing action, in the access to the vehicle deck can be lowered to the ground floor.

3. The deck of the lower (ground level) parking spaces is only to be moved horizontally, but each group must have a horizontal displacement to facilitate the use of the upper parking spaces when they fall.

4. The front of the equipment must be the driveway, the driver will drive the vehicle from the driveway into the car Board park.