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- Dec 26, 2017 -

The appearance of three-dimensional parking equipment was after the second automobile industry revolution. With the unprecedented prosperity and development of European automobile industry, the first three-dimensional parking equipment appeared in Europe. The advent of European stereo parking equipment has been more than 60 years old. In contrast to the third revolution in the automotive industry, the car industry in Japan began to develop with the advent of a miracle in Japan. So far, three-dimensional parking equipment in Japan has more than 40 years of development history. In the same period, three-dimensional parking facilities were also found in South Korea and Taiwan. The three-dimensional parking equipment in South Korea and Taiwan appeared late in Japan, and also had a history of nearly 40 years. Storage-type three-dimensional parking equipment technology first appeared in Europe. Japan's three-dimensional parking equipment technology from Europe. [2] a nation in Japan that is particularly adept at learning and profiting from the country's successful experience. Because of the small area of Japan, tower-type stereo parking equipment in Japan has been a significant development.

After the reform and opening-up, China's automobile industry began to start. 21st Century entered the era of rapid development. China's three-dimensional parking equipment industry relative to Europe, Japan, South Korea, started late. In these 20 years, the early development of the slow, until 1996, the National Mechanical Stereo garage parking equipment Annual sales, installation capacity of less than 1000 berths.