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People Question People Kangaroo Black Parking Lot

- Dec 26, 2017 -

"How can the road cordon charge?" A few days ago, the public reported to this newspaper that a feeder road was located on the side of e-street, where someone cordon on both sides of the thing and installed a toll system to "change" the car park. Reporters in the investigation found that the car park did not record in the police department, there is no relevant formalities, the public suspected that the black car park.

December 25, the reporter came to see the incident, this is connected to the electronic East Street and the Four Seasons West Lane of the city Feeder road, about hundred meters long, not set the road name. At the Lu Sikou, there are zebra crossings and traffic signs, and traffic isolation lines are used in the middle of the road to break into two lanes. To the surprise of the people, the road at the intersection of East and West iron bars will be cut off, leaving only one lane pass, and set up on duty Sentry box. On the iron railings hangs the words "the passing vehicle normally passes, 30 minutes free". Reporter walked into the car park found that the field painted 120 parking spaces, the ground with markings and numbers to sort. Reporters did not see charges publicity, parking fees are not wearing uniform clothing.

The reporter came forward to talk with the parking charge staff to understand, temporary parking fee of 2 yuan per hour, monthly 300 yuan per month, when the reporter asked about the formalities of the parking lot, the staff did not have a positive answer, only to the reporter a mobile phone number, and said: "Temporary parking can, if the monthly subscription to contact, now there is no quota." The conversation learned that the parking is the owners of nearby communities.

According to people familiar with the situation, the car park exists for more than half a year, "This road opening time is not long, just opened because of unmanned management, the phenomenon of disorderly parking is more serious, and then someone installed parking fee facilities, into a car park." The insider admits that the parking order is really much better now than it used to be, but it's blocking traffic, and many people think the parking lot is afraid to go through the road.

Whether this car park is a formal parking lot, then the reporter from the Yanta Traffic Police Brigade learned that the car park did not record in them, also did not see the relevant formalities. In accordance with the implementation of the XI ' an urban parking management method in July this year, we know that operating car parks need to be registered for industry and commerce and tax registration, and then submitted to the Police Brigade or Urban Administration Law Enforcement Bureau for approval, and to the price department for the record, and then by the Construction Bureau of the At the same time, operating car parks must be "four unified" (that is, clothing, bills, fees, management mode of unification).

Obviously, this car park does not have the above conditions. In this respect, many people say that urban roads are social public resources, not just for the convenience of parking damage to most people's interests, I hope the relevant departments can intervene, but also road to the people.