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Parking System Principle

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Parking system set inductive smart card technology, computer network, video surveillance, image recognition and processing and automatic control technology in one, car park in the automatic management of vehicles, including vehicle identity, access control, automatic license plate identification, parking space retrieval, parking guidance, passing reminders, image display, car proofing, TIME calculation , fees collection and verification, voice intercom, automatic collection (collection) card series of scientific, effective operation. These functions can be reduced or increased according to users ' needs and actual situation, and form luxurious, standard, economical parking management system and vehicle control system of different scale and level.

Car park using inductive card parking management system, at the entrance and exit of the car park set up a set of import and export management equipment, so that the parking lot to form a relatively closed place, in and out of the vehicle can only be the induction card in the card reader before the light sway, the system is instantaneous completion of inspection, recording, accounting, fees and other work, To achieve convenient and efficient car park management.

The manager of the approach owner and the car park holds an inductive card with a private label, as a personal identification, only through the system inspection approved cards can be operated (management card) or access (parking card), fully ensure the security of the system, confidentiality, effectively prevent the theft of vehicles, exempt owners worry.