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Parking Management System

- Dec 26, 2017 -

With the development of society, more and more cars are in the city. The location of the centralized storage and management of vehicles has been put forward by human being, such as the Order of vehicle access, the safety of vehicle storage and the compensation of vehicle storage management. Therefore, the intelligent parking system products came into being, playing an increasingly important role in modern car park management. The full name of the parking system is the intelligent car park management system, which is often referred to as the parking system or the intelligent car park, [1] is also referred to as "parking lot". Parking System application of modern mechanical electronics and communication science and technology, set control hardware, software in one. With the development of science and technology, car park management system is also changing rapidly, the most specialized parking system for card-free parking.

A car park is a site for parking. The parking lot can be divided into four kinds of warm garage, cold room garage, carport and open-air parking lot. The main task of the parking lot is to keep the parked vehicles.

Parking system is based on modern electronic and information technology, the automatic identification device is installed at the exit entrance of the parking area, and the intelligent management of the vehicles entering and leaving the area through the Non-contact card or the license plate recognition is used to control the traffic and the access of the vehicle and the personnel. Record all the detailed information and automatically calculate the charge amount, realize the safety management of the vehicle and charge in the field.