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Forecast Of Development Trend Of Entrance And Exit Parking Management System 2018

- Dec 25, 2017 -

The intelligent entrance and exit parking management system can realize the maximum utilization of parking resources and alleviate the problem of vehicle owners ' parking difficulty. With the Internet of things, the rapid development of cloud computing technology, around the actual needs of people, access control whether it is technology or application will also have considerable development, in the market cake and the national policy dividend Drive, I believe that the car park management is not lack of technology, the lack of resources sharing, The enhancement of parking standardization awareness and the operability of parking policy.

As the import and export market size and demand growth, for the entry and exit parking Enterprises is both an opportunity and a challenge. The future intelligent Exit parking management system will generally develop in the following directions:

1. Further integration of hardware and equipment

2, the system of Internet, parking app prevalence

3, parking spaces to share the popularity of the car after the market service

4. Cross-border operations will continue