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Fans Shout: Parking Is Free To See

- Dec 25, 2017 -

As time goes on, the days of CBA all-Star are getting closer and nearer, it will be held in Shenzhen, but so far, the All-Star vote has shocked many fans, especially for the familiar Dingyan, he only ranked fourth place in Bei District, the first place in this position is Shokawa , although Liu Zhixuan and Li Xiaoxu are also the national font size players, but this ranking is unexpected.

This may not be a big surprise, and then look at the southern alternative, many fans may feel that this is all right, because this season ushered in the full outbreak of the Zhejiang control Wei Wu before the list, as a former national Green Dragons, Wu this season finally has a small, he has become the first home scoring defender, With 20.8 points, 4.5 rebounds and 4 assists, compared with last season's great progress, and after the national team baptism, his leadership is also soaring, he with the season after the success of the Savior has become the local leader of Zhejiang team, but he did not appear on the list.

And the Southern Guard side, ranked first in Guangdong Hongyuan youngster extracurricular, this is understandable existence, but ranked in the second Tian Yuxiang and ranked in the third Sheia is how to win so many votes, it is incredible, take Sheia, He has only 6.5 minutes to play in Fujian SBS this season, scoring 1.7 points on the pitch, which is the third most unprecedented place.

Fans said, "Do not imitate others in the NBA, these in the league will only become more and more shameful, but not to do." Also some fans said, "I do not care about all Star tickets how much money, if Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Center parking no charge I go to see!" ”