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Auto-Enterprise Collective Exerting Force Automatic Driving Is Only Because Of Lazy People?

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Auto-driving as the hottest cutting-edge technology in the automotive sector, the media has been keen to discuss these years, each time there will be related to big news reports. Some time ago, the Beijing Municipal Commission issued the country's first automatic road test code, which means that automatic driving distance is not far away from our lives.

Why is automatic driving so much attention? Why are all the big carts and even Google Baidu engaged in research and development? Is the meaning of autopilot really just because people are lazy?

Safer: 90% of domestic accidents are caused by driver distraction or negligence, and automatic driving can effectively avoid these accidents.

Save time: On the one hand, the map data can be used to calculate the fastest route; On the other hand, to the downstairs, the owner will get off, and then the car to find their own parking spaces, if it is a new energy vehicle, you can also let the car to find the charge pile charge.

No insurance: Most manufacturers have yet to respond to the problem, and only Volvo and Audi have announced that they will be responsible for automatic driving accidents. This may cause the whole industry to develop in this direction, after all, from the consumer, if the manufacturers are not confident of their own technology, do not dare to pack a ticket, then what do I consumers to trust your automatic driving?

So if the manufacturers are responsible for the accident, the fully automatic driving car can not even have to buy insurance, and there is no small rub touch, it can save a lot of money every year.

The road is more smooth: people drive when the green light, is to wait for the vehicle to start before starting, but because the computer response fast, so you can start with the car, the same green time may be more than one times the traffic.

Ease parking Pressure: Automatic parking can be accurate to millimeter levels through full vehicle-filled lenses and radars. And because the owner can get off the car and then run to find a parking space, so also do not need to set aside for the driving door, so the current two parking spaces may be able to stop three cars, significantly reduce the pressure on parking spaces.