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2017 China Intelligent Parking Industry Big Data Report Released

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Recently, ETCP Intelligent Parking Industry Research Institute of the first Financial Business data center released the 2017 China intelligent parking Industry Large data report, the report focused on selected Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi ' an, Changsha 10 cities for large data analysis and research, Multidimensional degree presents the future development trend of intelligent parking industry.

The report predicts that the number of parking spaces in China will reach 370 million in 2020 and the gap between supply and demand is further increased. To ease the conflict between parking supply and demand, it is not enough to increase the supply of parking spaces. 2016 China's parking gap rate reached 50%, and the average vacancy rate reached 51.3%, the existing parking spaces are not fully utilized. Among them, the use rate of the existing parking spaces in Shanghai and Chongqing is only 40% and 48% respectively. If the use of parking spaces in these two cities can be raised to 80% per cent, by 2019, even if new car parks are no longer available, the full demand for parking spaces will be met.

Improve parking efficiency to ease the importance of parking conflicts, no less than the new car park. Intelligent parking is in this market demand came into being. The report holds that the core value of intelligent parking lies in opening the information island of the parking lot, directing the vehicle to the idle parking space, effectively improving the utilization rate of parking space and easing the parking difficulty.

In addition to market-driven, technology development, policy positive, is driving the smart parking industry development of the other two major factors. The development of Internet of things, license plate recognition, artificial intelligence and large data provide power for the development of intelligent parking industry.

The report believes that the smart parking industry will experience the initial transformation, extension applications, intelligent platform three stages of development. From the point of view of the car park operation, the future parking fee will no longer be the main revenue source of the parking lot. The car park will be a consumer portal and hub for multiple business scenarios, accessible via open platform links and enabling other businesses. From the angle of industry, the intelligent parking platform can not only cooperate with the car enterprise by the way of car networking, but also with unmanned driving technology, meanwhile, it will cooperate with other travel modes such as sharing bicycle, net about car, taxi, railway, aviation and so on. From the perspective of public transport and society, intelligent parking will be based on its scene, service and large data, assume the function of solving the problem of public life, play its role in alleviating urban traffic congestion, enhancing public safety, promoting modern urban services, assisting Intelligent city planning, perfecting credit system and reducing pollution emissions.