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Yard Management

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Yard management is similar to the Specialized hotel Management Service industry, responsible for the car park professional management services. With the rapid growth of car ownership in China, the number of car parks has also increased rapidly, and the related car park management services demand began to emerge. The main services of the yard management include the management and operation of the car park, maintenance and repair, development and consultation of the car park, equipment delivery, maintenance and support, and extend to the car washing, club, car rescue, insurance agent and other extension services.

Yard Management is a service industry, the user experience is the content that needs to be paid attention to. The support of the IT system and the improvement of service quality operation cost control plays a vital role, the larger the operation management, the more obvious role, in the process of building management platform, to fully tap the potential of data analysis, equipment operating conditions, the post audit of the payee, the overall layout of the yard, The development of charge rules can analyze the optimal management index.