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The advantages of three-dimensional parking

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1. High-rate technical and economic indicators parking capacity of three-dimensional parking equipment. Small footprint, can also park all types of vehicles, especially cars. The investment is less than the equivalent capacity of the underground garage, the construction cycle is short, power consumption province, covers an area far less than underground garages.

2. The appearance and the construction coordination, the management convenient three-dimensional parking equipment is most suitable for the shopping malls, the hotel, the office building front, the tourist area. Many devices require no specialized operator, and a driver can be completed alone.

3. Complete supporting facilities and "green" environmental protection automatic Stereo Garage has a complete security system, such as obstacle confirmation device, emergency braking device, prevent sudden drop device, overload protection device, leakage protection device, vehicle super long and ultra-high detection device and so on. The access process can be completed manually, and can also be equipped with computer equipment fully automated, which also gives future development and design to leave a large space.

Because the vehicle in the access process only in a very short period of time driving low, so the noise, exhaust extremely slight