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Parking skill

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Parking skill refers to the method of accurately stopping a car in a certain position; The main techniques are: slow, look, find signs, diligent, and make it easier to reverse the library. There are usually two types of vehicle entry, one is roadside parking, the other is parking. In both cases, the parking technique is slightly different.

General car owners need to park on the side of the car when they are looking for parking spaces, once you see the parking spaces, you can not wait to turn right, to the parking spaces in the tie, and so on the front of the road to the end of the tooth to turn the steering wheel, I hope that this method will be This method is suitable for more than two consecutive empty parking spaces, the car owner will be parked in the front of the first parking space should not be a problem. But the reality is often, only a parking space, both before and after the car, then the result of this method will be the top of the car in the front right corner of the parking space, and the rear of the parking space outside.