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Parking card

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Parking cards can be different according to demand, the issue of monthly rent card (monthly card), stored value cards,

Special Card (free card) and time rental card (temporary card) Four kinds of cards: monthly rent card and special card with time limit, stored value card with the balance of the limit, temporary card with the following, simple and convenient, and the other monthly rental card and stored value card to implement the cost, so that the yard management concise, active.

The system supports the different charging methods of three kinds of vehicles to meet the requirement of charging separately according to the car class.

Computer automatic timing, billing, special card, monthly card automatic identification, temporary card manual cash collection, fast and efficient service, computer display and pay display at the same time show the parking time and chargeable fees, card balance or expiry date, charge transparency, the ballot screen also prompts the residents to use parking lot, and in a civilized language greetings, To make the tenants feel comfortable, they can attract more users and improve the efficiency of their use.